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New release candidate available: 2020-06-01 "Hogfather". upgrade now! [51] (what's this?)
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Function that loads the current project into the global variable currentProject.

If there is no current project when the library loads, the variable currentProject is not altered. You can initialize this variable at any time by calling this function. When you open a project using the function openproject() or openprojectdialog(), those functions also load the global variable currentProject.

Note that many functions in the library use the variable currentProject to check whether a project is opened. For the correct working of the library, the global variable must always be correctly initialised.




Parameter Data type Required Description
showerror boolean If set to false the script will not show an error message when no project can be loaded. Default is true. This parameter is only used to disable the warning when the library loads and checks for an available project

Return Values

This function has no return values.

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