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New release candidate available: 2020-06-01 "Hogfather". upgrade now! [51] (what's this?)
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Function that will open the project specified by the XPJ path. The function will then load the current project into the global variable currentProject.

Note: Always use this function or the function openprojectdialog() to open a project. This ensures that the global variable currentProject is set. If this variable is not set, several functions in the library may not work as expected.


var xpjpath = "C:/My project/My project.xpj";


Parameter Data type Required Description
xpjpath string true The full path to the project XPJ
updateifrequired boolean If set to true the project will be updated if the project is from a previous version. Default is false

Return Values

Value Meaning
true The project was opened
false The project could not be opened
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